Who We Are

Seneca Point Global is a unique organization built on a growing body of research from the public and private sectors demonstrating that women are fast emerging as one of the most powerful and influential demographics the world has ever seen – poised to rival China or India. We work with governments, companies, philanthropic institutions and individuals who understand that – similar to developing a China or India strategy – today, a global women’s strategy is key to opportunity, growth and progress anywhere in the world. Seneca Point Global partners with the world’s leading institutions to design, implement and measure integrated strategies that focus on women and girls and drive sustainable results – whether social, economic or both.  We also work to connect and support a growing community of individuals committed to women's economic and legal participation.

"We need to unlock a vital source of growth… Increase women’s participation in the economy and enhancing their efficiency and productivity, we can have a dramatic impact on the competitiveness and growth of our economies."

                                          – Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
                                             2011 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Our Team  

We apply our extensive experience in advising government leaders, CEOs and nonprofits to create a global women strategy to achieve critical business and philanthropic objectives, protect and enhance reputation and increase stakeholder value while successfully addressing political, social, legal and regulatory challenges. Our expertise relating to women and girls spans the public and private sectors in developed and developing nations, encompassing government affairs, corporate strategy, communications, philanthropy and law. Our team of diverse experts is led by founding partners Ambassador Melanne Verveer and Kim Azzarelli.

Ambassador Melanne Verveer

Ambassador Melanne Verveer is a Founding Partner of Seneca Point Global and serves as the Executive Director of Georgetown University's Institute for Women, Peace and Security. In 2009 President Obama appointed Melanne Verveer to be the first ever Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues at the US State Department. Ambassador Verveer worked on behalf of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to coordinate foreign policy issues and activities relating to the political, economic and social advancement of women, traveling to almost 60 countries. Read more



Kim K. Azzarelli

Kim K. Azzarelli is a business, philanthropic and legal advisor with significant experience in launching and leading corporate and philanthropic initiatives relating to women and girls. Ms. Azzarelli is a Founding Partner of Seneca Point Global. Most recently Ms. Azzarelli has served as Senior Vice President of Tina Brown Live Media and the Newseek Daily Beast Company where she led strategy, partnerships, and philanthropy for Women in the World. Prior to Women in the World, Ms. Azzarelli held senior legal and philanthropic roles at organizations including Goldman Sachs and Avon Products Inc. Read more


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